Run Run Reindeer! Here Are Some Styles Bra~vo Fitters Recommend Looking at This Season!

Rebecca Aughton

16th Dec 2021

Run Run Reindeer! Here Are Some Styles Bra~vo Fitters Recommend Looking at This Season!

The Top Five Bras You Need to Take on Vacation: What you should be packing in your luggage this Holiday Season!

Things are starting to feel a little more normal towards the end of 2021, and this holiday season is definitely feeling bigger than last year. With many families unable to reunite for the past 18-24 months for lots of different reasons, people are planning cross country trips and vacations to soak up some much-deserved R&R with their loved ones.

At Bra~vo intimates we’ve been thinking about what outfits to pack in our suitcases for the different types of journeys we’ll be taking this winter and holiday season too. Some will be headed across the continent for big family reunions, others will be escaping the Detroit cold to the warmth of the lower latitudes.

Now you’ve remembered to pack the gifts for everyone, the extra thermals if you’re headed somewhere chilly, the bathing suit if headed somewhere warm. Something comfortable for the long trip, something for a glamorous evening out and always an extra pair of socks and panties in case of unforeseen delays.

But what about which bras you should be taking? When you’re hoping to look your very best in front of family or friends you haven’t seen all year, attending a New Year’s Eve party/proposal or opening presents with the in laws, at Bra~vo we know that being your best self starts with wearing the best foundation – properly fitted lingerie.

Most women don’t really think about this part of their travel wardrobe and end up either packing their entire lingerie drawer or have to rewash their favorite bra every night and hope it’s dry by the morning.

With the Bra~vo intimates guide to the Top Five Bras you should be taking on vacation this holiday season, we’ll take the guess work and worry out of what to pack, especially when space is at a premium and carriers can charge extra fees for larger bags.

The T-Shirt Bra

Not just for T-shirts, this bra is great for snug knits or for when you want your clothes to do the talking. This style of bra is seam free and has a blocked-out cup, so no lines or bumps will show through light or close-fitting clothes. It can be slightly moulded as well to stop anything showing through on colder days or when the A/C is on blast. Some moulded styles can help to give a slightly better shape, as seam free bras can leave some busts looking a little wide at the sides and flattened at the front. If you have a fuller bust then you should really opt for a fuller cup shape and those with fuller figures may feel more comfortable in a bra with a wider band around. This will help to eliminate the edges of the bra showing through and give you better support for the day. The T-shirt bra can work as your everyday style too.

Best color for this bra is... Nude. Whatever your skin tone, you need something that will disappear under light colors and not transfer color from any darker tops. For lighter tones try peachy pinks and powders, medium tones try bronzes and coffee, darker tones try mocha and chocolate.

Bra~vo intimates styles to shop:

Elomi Smooth Bra

Panache Cari

Chantelle C Jolie

  2.The Evening or Plunge Bra

Maybe you’re treating yourself (or someone is treating you!) to a special meal or a pre/post-Christmas night out on the town and want to wear something lower cut to show off that fabulous full bust. Everyday bras tend to be quite high in the front for maximum support so make sure to pack something a little more delicate. Your evening bra could be a balconette shape (meaning a squarer neckline with straps sitting wider on the shoulder) or more of a plunge (perfect for deeper necklines). Look for smooth shapes or go to town with a bit of lace for a luxurious touch. It’s Christmas after all!

Best color for this bra is… If you’re going for practicality either a nude or black. A skin tone won’t contrast against you if a strap is slightly peeking out nor will it show under sheer fabrics. Black is a classic option to go with that LBD. If you’re going for something fun that you don’t mind being seen, then a rich jewel tone underneath will always make you feel more energized for dancing all night long!

Bra~vo intimates styles to shop:

Sculptresse Estel

Panache Ana

Elomi Sachi

  3. The Non Wired Bra

You should be familiar with one of our favorite styles of bra after our recent blog post. This style is a great alternative to underwires especially when travelling on long flights or car journeys. No underwire means there’s nothing to dig in especially when sat for long periods and the softer materials mean that moisture is wicked away in cramped conditions. As space is limited in your travel bag it can also double up as your yoga or sleep bra or just when you want to change outfits and get comfy in the evening. It’s also perfect for feeling a little more put together and supported on those awkward occasions you’ll be greeting everyone in your pajamas, like Christmas morning!

Best color for this is… whatever you’d like! Pastels, prints – whatever you feel best in!

Bra~vo intimates styles to shop:

Evelyn & Bobbie Beyond Non Wired Bra

Evelyn & Bobbie Defy Non Wired Bra

Parfait Adriana Non Wired Bra

  4.The Sports Bra

Not everyone will be wanting to be active on their vacation and we won’t judge if you just want to be horizontal on the couch watching Christmas movies or by the pool sipping drinks! But if you’re looking to either maintain fitness, pre-burn those Christmas day calories or can take advantage of your hotel/family member’s amazing gym facilities then you won’t want to be caught out with the right bra in your bag – readers of our Sports Bra blog will know what we mean; it’s better to have it and not need it, than need it and not have it!

Best color for this is… whatever you’d like! Go daring and bright if you want to show it off in the gym or use as a top if it’s hot outside or wear a darker color like black if you’re concerned about perspiration.

Bra~vo intimates styles to shop:

Panache 5021 Sports Bra

Elomi Energize Sports Bra

Anita Air Control Deltapad

5. The Strapless Bra

The unsung hero of many a wardrobe, this style is a must have for any holiday travel. The perfect bra to wear with any top or dress that has thin straps, when you want to show off shoulders or have a fancy Christmas frock or NYE do to attend. Remember, all the support is coming from the underband so it needs to be firm fitting to stop it from slipping or (gasp!) falling completely down. Make sure you’re properly fitted for your Strapless bra before going on holiday – book an appointment with us at Bra~vo intimates to try on this style and all the others mentioned too and treat your bust to the best Christmas present and be free from being in badly fitting bras!

Best color for this is… Nude or black to ensure versatility and maximum wearability.

Bra~vo intimates styles to shop:

Wacoal Red Carpet Strapless Bra

Sculptresse Dana Strapless Bra

Curvy Kate Luxe Strapless Bra

Don’t forget to pack…

Chantelle Soft Stretch Bikini

The Chantelle Soft Stretch Bikini Brief (also available in hipster and mid-thigh styles) is a perfect addition to your travel bag. Being seamless they’re not going to show under clothing and they’re comfy enough with plenty of stretch that you won’t need to pack anything extra.

If you’re looking for your top five bras to start off your bra wardrobe, make sure to book an appointment with and get fitted with your very own Bra~vo Experience:

Call us on: 248-582-7286 or click here to contact us and book your bra fitting appointment.

Too far to come in? Did you know, we also offer a virtual bra fitting service where we can give you the Bra~vo experience via video chat!


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