Bra Size Conversion Chart




These brands are sized according to UK / AUS / NZ

Cleo | Curvy Kate elomi | Freya | Fantasie | Panache | Scantilly | Sculptresse

These brands are sized according to USA

Curvy Couture | Goddess | Wacoal | B.temptd

These brands are sized according to EU/FR

Anita/Rosa Faia | Chantelle | Fit Fully Yours | Passionata





Brands We Carry



We develop, manufacture and market bras and swimwear for a great variety of body types – including big cups and large underbust measurements, under these two labels.

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We carry b.tempt'd because they aim to empower women as we do. Their flirty bra styles are as clever and captivating as you are.

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Chantelle has a track record of over 140 years! Their French roots define their unique combination of style, support and comfort. 

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We love Cleo because their vibrant collection is always on-trend. It's perfect for full busted women who can't resist bright colors or bold prints.

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Curvy Couture's bra collection is designed by award-winning designer: Dora Lau for the fuller figure woman. We love their innovation and design expertise. These comfortable, supportive bras make you feel your best

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Curvy Kate is great for curvy girls who are looking for a great fit, nice lift, shape, and comfort.

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Elomi has become a pioneer for fuller figured women since its launch in 2008. We love their mission to inspire and empower women to live their best lives.

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Fantasie provides a vast bra collection of great fitting styles for the fuller bust woman! We love their extensive selection of their UK bra sizes too!

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We love Fit Fully Yours' full-busted, full-figured bra line with their range of selection and beautiful styles!

Shop Fit Fully Yours



Freya has looks that work for every woman out there! Their styles work great for when you're at work, studying, or spending time with friends. We love how versatile their styles are.

Shop Freya



We love Goddess lingerie's product line and its ability to give the right fit and support up to a J cup! 

Shop Goddess



Panache is great for bustier women, with their cup sizes starting at D, their bras give great support to a range of shapes. 

Shop Panache




Passionata by Chantelle is a beautiful line for people looking for a more simple bra look.

Shop Passionata



Scantilly is a line from one of our favorite brands, Curvy Kate. We love how daring this brand is in their designs.

Shop Scantilly




Sculptresse by Panache offers a sexy range of lingerie that will boost your confidence. We especially love this brand for sizes 14 and up.

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Wacoal bras offer a wide range of bras in beautiful styles. We love their on-trend bras with a great selection.

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