Proper Bra Care 101

Hand Wash Your Bra After Every Wear - Yes, we really do it and you can too!

Like anything else, once you get into the habit of it and feel the benefit, you won't be able to go back to any other method. It makes all the difference in the fit of your bra.


It’s that simple and it makes all the difference in the length of the life and shape of your bra.

Why Hand Wash?

Your bra stretches as you wear it, it needs to in order to move with you. Washing it puts it back into its original supportive shape.


Your underband does 90% of the support, taking pressure off your shoulders. Wash it so it can continue to do its job!


When you wear your bra 2, 3, 7+ times before you wash it, the underband gets stretched out, decreasing the intended support. Proper care - handwashing your bra after each wear - will actually increase the life, shape and support of the garment. We recommend Fashion Care / Forever New, we have carried this for close to 20 years and would not trust anything else. We not only swear by it, but so do our customers!

One of our new fitters was hesitant about our dedication to this method. So we gave her the Bra~vo challenge- she wore her bra wardrobe for 10 months, exclusively hand-washing after every wear. She adhered to our care recommendations and at the end of the challenge, she was still on the loosest hook setting and her entire bra wardrobe looked and felt brand new! 

What is a Bra Wardrobe?

Like any wardrobe, it takes consideration. What does your clothing wardrobe consist of? Your bra wardrobe is designed to benefit and enhance your clothing wardrobe. The two should marry one another.


Therefore, depending on how often you want to wash, you should have:


3-4 Everyday go-to bras, that work well under your everyday clothing.
If you work out 1-2 times a week, 1 Sports bra. 3-4 times a week, 3+ Sports bras.
1-2 Wire free bras for when you are working at home, letting off steam on a Friday night, or running errands on Saturday.
1-2 Fashion bras for when your everyday bra is not fun enough.
If a strapless bra is applicable to your wardrobe, invest in one in early spring.
With the above suggestions, take stock of what styles you need to work with your clothing wardrobe. We look forward to addressing those style needs during your fitting. 


Pro tip: Wear in one of your daily favorites so you can check the shape of the styles you try on.


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