Bra Shopping: The Difference between shopping at Big Box store and a Bra Fitting Shop.

Rebecca Aughton

4th Feb 2024

Bra Shopping: The Difference between shopping at Big Box store and a Bra Fitting Shop.

Looking for the perfect bra can sometimes feel like trying to find a needle in a haystack, right? It's a quest that often starts with high hopes but can quickly turn into a frustrating expedition. Many of us have wandered into big box stores, lured by the promise of variety and affordability, only to emerge more bewildered and frustrated than ever before. But fret not, my fellow bra-seekers, for there is a brighter path – the path that leads you to your expert bra fitting shop, where comfort, quality, and a whole lot more fun awaits.

In this blog, we'll embark on a delightful journey into the world of the difference between bra shopping at a Big Box store and your Locally woman owned Bra Shop. Discover why they are the unsung heroes of lingerie and most importantly bra fitting. Trust me, this isn't just about saving you time and money; it's about finding that elusive bra nirvana.

Passion for the Business Unlike those big box stores, many independent bra shops are run by women who are truly passionate about what they do. These shop owners don't just stock bras; they cultivate relationships with the brands they carry. Some even have direct lines to brand managers and designers – it's like having an exclusive backstage pass to the world of bras! These personal connections translate into a carefully curated selection of styles that cater specifically to your needs and body type.

And let's not forget that over 98% of us are wearing the wrong bra size! So, having experts who understand the importance of that 'perfect fit' is a game-changer. While we hate to talk about size and many of us even fear knowing our true size, trust me when I say a small tweak in the size or shape of the cup and/or the band can deliver to you the difference between putting up with tugging and pulling all day and heaven on two straps. These store owners know that each brand and style can be as unique as a snowflake, and they choose the style best for your cup shape, breast density and the length of your upper torso! Yes, all that is taken into consideration, and that is what makes the difference of wearing a well fitted bra all day and not wanting to rip it off!

Fit Expertise and Service One of the most compelling reasons to visit a independent bra shop is the expertise and personal touch that they offer. When you step into one of these gems, you're not just another shopper; you're a VIP. These l experts have invested their time and money into providing you with the best possible fit. They've years of experience and have learned the ins and outs of every style and brand they carry. Trust me, with some brands making up to 30+ styles in over 50 sizes, that's no small feat!

Their knowledge is then passed on to you through personalized fitting sessions. They understand that no two women are alike, and they're committed to finding that perfect bra that complements your unique body. It's like having a personal bra whisperer by your side.

Now, compare that to the big box stores, where you might be assisted by someone who's had minimal corporate training in the art of bra fitting. These employees often juggle multiple responsibilities, from sales targets to cleaning fitting rooms. Your quest for the perfect bra becomes just one item on their hectic to-do list.

Variety and Quality Local bra shops take immense pride in their collections. Most of them are famous for the longevity of the team, the vast number of sizes, styles, and brands they offer. You'll have the opportunity to build a bra wardrobe that suits your lifestyle and preferences, without settling for the same old generic options found in Big Box stores.

On the flip side, big box stores tend to stock a limited selection of sizes and styles, often in a rainbow of colors. But that doesn't necessarily mean they cater to your unique body and needs. In most cases, they may even sell bras under their own private label.

Ah, the mysterious world of private label bras – the not-so-glamorous side of the lingerie world. Here's how it goes down: the folks at the retailer or Big Box side tell the bra manufacturer what size range, shape, and price they want for their bra collection, all while keeping a keen eye on their own profit margins. The manufacturer, eager to please, often uses cheaper materials and fabrics to meet the demands. The result? Bras that may look appealing but tend to fall short in terms of durability, shape retention and support. To top it off, these bras proudly bear the store's name, not the manufacturer's. If you're not thrilled with the fit of your purchase, no worries – the store will simply take it back. These return projections are built into their margins and in turn the price you are paying. And there you are back to square one, a limited selection of underwhelming choices at the Big Box store. So, while private label bras might seem like a good deal, they often lack the fit, quality and longevity you are looking and paying for.

Education and Care In addition to expert fitting services, professional bra shop fitters will take the time to educate you on how to properly put on and care for your bras. It's like getting a crash course in Bra Care 101 before you leave the store. You won't just leave with a well-fitted bra; you'll leave with the knowledge to extend its lifespan and maintain its shape, giving you comfort and support for years to come. That is value!

Industry Inside Knowledge Visiting a neighborhood bra shop isn't just a shopping trip; it's an experience. These shop owners attend seasonal buying shows to stay up-to-date with the latest developments in the industry. They're like fashion detectives, hunting down the latest trends and innovations for you. The big box teams simply don't have access to the same level of insider knowledge.

And let's not forget the personalized touches. Many of these shops go the extra mile to connect with their customers. They may reach out to you when new products arrive, and that may result in your new “perfect bra”!

In conclusion, while big box stores may offer some conveniences, they lack the expertise, variety, and fitting service that your local bra shops provide. Next time you find yourself searching for “a bra store near me” choose to support a local bra shop. It means prioritizing your comfort, confidence, and investing in a well-fitted quality product. Your body will thank you, and you'll leave with bras that not only fit but enhance your life.


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