Virtual Bra Fittings

What to expect during your Virtual Bra Fitting

If you’ve never had an expert bra fitting or you're due for new bras, now is the time to take action for yourself. Many of our customers have shared with us that a proper bra fitting has left them feeling more confident in their appearance and has changed their posture; eliminating neck and back pain. 


We look forward to helping you find your perfect fit!


These are your easy steps to getting fitted virtually or by phone:


(First, click here to book your appointment)


 At the time of your appointment:


1. Get your charged-up phone, tablet or computer.


2. Have a garment tape measure handy.


3. Get in front of a mirror in a comfortable private setting.


4. We will call/Zoom you from a private fitting room!

During your first session:


We will take a moment to discuss with you what your fit issues are, wardrobe requirements, and anything else you would like to share with us.


Next, we will walk you thru taking two measurements. One under your bust and one at the fullest part of your bust. Based on the measurements, we will will calculate 1-2 sizes that will be best for you and we will book a follow up appointment.


We will then discuss what items you would like shipped first. We guarantee within 2 boxes, you will find your new favorite bra! With over 200 sizes in stock, we know we can fit you better than any other fitting store out there!


What to expect in the mail:


Based on the information gathered during your first session, we will send you the bras to try on and start the fitting process. Shipping cost is a flat $10 per delivery. While you wait for your package, please review how to properly put on a bra. 


During your follow up session:


We are duplicating the in-store experience in a virtual manner; we will review the fit of each bra you received as well as educate you on how to properly wash, maintain and put your bra on. Education is key and is an important part of your Bra~vo Fitting Session.


What doesn't work, you will send back to us. Once we receive that package, we will send you another round of bras for your next personalized fit session. Don’t worry, we will review the fit of these bras personally with you as well!


We are dedicated to working with you to find the right fit!


The fitting process is a partnership, we look forward to working with you. Our customers, whether they live local or international, stay with us because the right fit, truly does make all the difference!


Call us today or book your appointment here!


Read a review from one of our recent virtual fittings:


"I did a Zoom fitting with Keely and Rebecca. It was so easy! At no point did I feel uncomfortable or exposed, and I am a fairly modest person. I would try on a bra and then stand in front of the camera so they could see the fit. It was no different than being in a bathing suit. (And I am a one piece kinda gal!). They helped walk me through getting the proper measurements. I am so pleased with the whole experience! I live on Long Island in New York and we don't have a store like Bra~vo anywhere close to me. I prefer to shop online if possible, so it was a win-win. Rebecca and Keely, you have a customer for life!"  ~Liz B.



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