A bra that fits with Chantelle Lingerie

Rebecca Aughton

19th Sep 2023

A bra that fits with Chantelle Lingerie

Chantelle Lingerie

Welcome to the Bra~vo Blog! A little introduction…

Hello, and welcome to the Bra~vo Blog! Whether you’ve found yourself here after scouring the internet for “a bra that fits”, or are a seasoned Bra~vo Believer who is interested in knowing more about trending styles and bra education, I’m just happy to have you here! With summer in our rearview mirror, we’ll be trading out bathing suits and bermuda shorts for cozy socks and oversized sweaters. Use this as an opportunity to experiment with your bra wardrobe by trying something new.

Today we’ll be talking about one of the most well known and respected lingerie companies in the world: Chantelle Lingerie. This is a name that you can find almost anywhere, and with good reason. With over 100 years of experience, Chantelle specializes in undergarments that are designed for everybody and every body. They’ve got skin in the game, so you won’t find their name slapped on just any bra. What they’re designing means something to them because what you’re wearing means something to you.

Chantelle Lingerie: A brief history…

We find ourselves at the end of the nineteenth century, with France emerging from the Franco-Prussian War and the Paris Commune, events that stunted and paused the development of fashion and fashion magazines. In spite of these events, women of this period are still wearing tightly-laced boned corsets to enhance their natural curves.

The year is 1876, and François Auguste Gamichon finds himself in Paris, France. It is here that Gamichon creates the company that would later become Chantelle.

However, it is in the province of Aube, France, that some of Gamichon’s first innovations occur: having opened up a factory where he creates his first elasticized fabrics, a knitted material with vulcanized rubber incorporated into the blend. This combination of materials allows this fabric to stretch in two directions, something that was revolutionary and innovative for not only corset makers, but orthopedic devices as well. To capitalize on this discovery, Gamichon collaborates with his nephew, Paul-Maurice Kretz, to have this award-winning textile exported internationally.

As the months stretch into years, we find ourselves in the twentieth century; a period known for the emergence of Art Deco, and a dramatic change in the desired female silhouette. Here, women have abandoned tightly-laced corsets, something inspired by the launch of Chanel's “little black dress” in Vogue magazine, published in 1926. This change in market demand inspires Jean Kretz, a textile engineer, to create a new stretch fabric known as “Kretz tulle”. This new fabric, paired with market demand, will eventually lead to the launch of the Chantelle girdle in the 1940s.

Now an established name, Chantelle finds itself in the 1960s with ready-to-wear fashion growing in popularity. It is during this time that they launch their first bra. This new addition to Chantelle proves to be so successful that a factory is opened up in Epernay, France. To match the growing demand and change in fashion trends, Chantelle continues to create bold, innovative products. This includes the launch of their brand Passionata, part of Groupe Chantelle.

In the 2010s, we find ourselves in a tale as old as time; where the world of politics and economics contribute to consumer spending habits, and the echelons of our society contribute to and create fashion trends. With influencers, television personalities and Hollywood elites appearing from the woodworks, we’ve seen a schism in the fashion industry: fashion houses and high-end brands pricing out a majority of women in the name of “exclusivity” and fast-fashion exploiting the designs of upcoming designers with cheap materials. This is caused by a number of factors, one of which is the saturation of the market. Now more than ever, a brand's commitments to product quality, innovation, and adaptability will help determine its success and legacy.

Groupe Chantelle has, through the years, upheld their customer commitments; with Chantelle Lingerie exuding modern femininity, and Passionata embracing androgyny, you have a lingerie company that embraces change and inclusivity.

Chantelle Lingerie at Bra~vo intimates…

At Bra~vo intimates, we listen diligently to our customers, and use this information to determine what we’ll add to our collection; do you want to see sexy, sophisticated lingerie sets? We see you, we hear you, and we’re working on it! Do you want to see more everyday workhorses? We’ve got you covered! We only buy into the best collections based on what is trending, and what our Fitters need to make you wonderful ladies happy.

So, let me introduce you to some Chantelle pieces that are here to stay!

Basic Bras…

  • Chantelle Révèle Moi Perfect Fit: The Révèle Moi is a bra that really lives up to its name: it’s the perfect fit! What makes this bra so special is its fabrication; it’s a 4-part bra that has been crafted from a combination of semi-sheer lace and tulle, with a top cup that has some stretch to it so it fits to a variety of breast shapes and sizes. This style is perfect for a seasoned Bra~vo Believer, but happens to be the bra-of-choice when it comes to our first-time client. The shape this bra provides is rounded with just enough forward projection to give you a slimmed down silhouette. It’s perfect for thinner knit blends, and even better for a colder-weather wardrobe. Some of my favorite things about the Chantelle Révèle Moi include:
    • Universal fit! This works on 9/10 women that I fit into this style.
    • Stretch top-cup that fits a variety of breast shapes and sizes.
    • Double lined underband that provides a firm, yet comfortable fit.

  • Chantelle Rive Gauche: This unlined bra from Chantelle is a great everyday style, but requires a little bit more expertise to ensure the fit is correct. Like the Révèle Moi, the Rive Gauche is a multi-part bra that is meant to optimize visual uplift and support. However, the structure of this cup is best for someone who has a fuller bust with a dense breast tissue. If you try the Révèle Moi on, and your fitter decides that this style isn’t quite right for your shape, I would recommend asking about the Rive Gauche, especially if you like the structure that the seams provide, and the aesthetic of the bra. It’s the perfect combination of practicality and that French femininity style. There's something about this bra that just screams “old money” to me. Some of my favorite things about the Chantelle Rive Gauche include:
    • Inclusive sizing up to a European/U.S I cup (G is the U.K conversion!). Visit our conversion page.
    • A side-sling that optimizes forward projection and side-cup containment.
    • Underband that allows for a more relaxed fit.
    • A modern lace that you can dress up or dress down (but dressing it up is half of the fun).

  • Chantelle Norah Comfort Underwire: This style is relatively newer to us, and it’s one I find myself wishing we had for every customer. What I really appreciate about the Chantelle Norah Comfort is the underband, which feels like a marshmallow around the body. This style is the perfect everyday workhorse because it IS an unlined style, but it’s modern lace overlay is flat, so you won’t see any texture through a thinner-knit blend, but you have an internal seam structure, so you aren’t sacrificing that customizable shape and support your bra fitter’s are always talking about in the fitting room. From my experience, this cup does run a bit shy, so don’t be surprised if you have to make some adjustments in this style or if your bra fitter recommends sizing you up in the cup. Some of my favorite things about the Chantelle Norah Comfort Underwire bra include:
    • A tagless band! (No more hard, itchy fabric you have to cut off)
    • Internal seamed construction. All the seams on the underband are hidden inside.
    • A tall, smoothing wing fabric that will provide structure, support and comfort.
    • Modern lace with no texture show-through that is perfect for a lightweight wardrobe.


  • Chantelle Comfort Chic Back Shaping Minimizer: This Moulded T-Shirt Bra from Chantelle is perfect if you’re looking for your new everyday workhorse; the cups are seamless and double-lined to maximize containment and support. It’s a perfect interchangeable piece as the seasons change (along with your wardrobe!). The Comfort Chic was designed with a fuller, dense breast shape in mind, so you can expect to see a silhouette and neckline to match that demand and need in coverage. This bra will help minimize the appearance of your bust without compressing your breasts, so say “goodbye!” to the days of making your girls look like dish plates. Some of my favorite things about the Chantelle Comfort Chic include:
    • Inclusive sizing up to a European/U.S I cup (G is the U.K conversion!).
    • A touch of modern femininity that doesn’t skimp out on practicality.
    • A double-knit underband that combines structure, support and comfort.

  • Chantelle Comfort Chic Full Coverage Bra: This Contour T-Shirt Bra is a must-have if you’re concerned about whether or not you’ll have high-beams or low-beams! The cups have been crafted from a sturdy, yet soft and flexible foam that provides the smoothest of silhouettes, even under the thinnest of materials; Chantelle T-shirt bras are designed to have an invisible fit and finish, making them versatile and interchangeable pieces to have in your bra wardrobe. Whether you’re on the market for a new everyday bra, or are looking to expand your bra wardrobe, I highly recommend asking your fitter about this style! Some of my favorite things about the Chantelle Comfort Chic T-Shirt Bra include:
    • A modern colourway; who says practical bras can’t also be cute?
    • J-hook convertibility.
    • A tall, smoothing wing fabric that will provide structure, support and comfort.
    • A padded hook and eye.
    • Available in 30 band sizes to a G cup!


  • Chantelle Norah Comfort Full Bust Wireless: With an internal seam construction (remember, seams are our friends!) that has been designed to visually uplift and project breast tissue, this wire-free style will give you that wired-bra silhouette without that wired-bra sensation. I highly recommend this style for our seasoned Bra~vo Believers who are looking for that perfect combination of comfort and support, but it’s perfect for anyone who is looking for an everyday alternative to wires! It has a beautiful modern-lace overlay, so if you’re wearing a thinner knit blend you won’t have to worry about any texture or lace showing through your outfit. Some of my favorite things about the Chantelle Norah Comfort Wireless include:
    • Inclusive sizing up to a European/U.S H-cup (FF is the U.K conversion!).
    • Available up to a 40 underband!
    • Ultra tall smoothing and supportive wing fabric.
    • Padded hook and eye.


  • Chantelle Sport Eco Comfort: This wire-free style has full-coverage stretch cups that have been crafted from a thin spacer fabric, making it the perfect low-impact sports bra for those of us who like to keep both feet on the ground; think of exercises like walking, yoga, and gardening! Even if you don’t have an exercise regimen that requires you to have a sports bra like this, but you’re always on-the-go, or have a physically demanding job, I would seriously consider adding something like this to your bra wardrobe. The Sport Eco Comfort bra is the epitome of leisure and endurance. Some of my favorite things about the Chantelle Sport Eco Comfort include:
    • Inclusive sizing available up to 2XL
    • A tall, smoothing and supportive wing fabric. ( High sides to smooth out the fluff)
    • An eco friendly design; over 50% of the product's weight is recycled material!
    • A great sleep bra!

Shapewear and panties…

  • Chantelle Basic Shaping High Waist Mid-Thigh Brief: The Basic Shaping Brief is an undergarment that I affectionately refer to as the “scuba suit”. For a seasoned shapewear girly like myself, you’ll find that this garment provides moderate compression with an overall great shape and silhouette. However, if you're a bit of a garment novice and are looking for that “special occasion” piece, this will be a journey to get into (you’ll be a different woman by the end of it) with a firm hold and amazing shape. Remember, the compression and shape you want from your shapewear will kind of determine how much effort it takes to get into it. With a seamless, lightweight finish, you can wear this as an everyday staple or as that shaping garment you break out for date nights. What I really enjoy about this piece is the thigh control, it’s stretchy, so it’s forgiving, but it doesn’t roll or flip up, so you don’t have to worry about it biting into your thighs and creating that indent we hate to see and feel so much. Some things I really, really enjoy about the Chantelle Shaping Brief include:
    • Inclusive sizing up to a 2XL.
    • A silicone waistband to ensure it stays in place.
    • A high waist that is meant to meet your bra, so you have a smooth and polished finish.
    • Moderate-to-firm control depending on your level of comfort and expertise, making it a versatile addition and fit.
  • Chantelle Lace Shapewear High Waist Pant: This is honestly an undergarment that I wear almost everyday: it’s an essential wardrobe piece for me. For my seasoned shapewear girls, I want you to know that I have a medium-length torso, so this garment truly does fit me like a pant, it does not meet my bra, it stops at my waistline. However, the thigh control, and rear-lifting construction on this has me swooning; I carry my weight in my lower tummy, hips and thighs, and this really helps create and define that shape that I have and want. This is typically my first layer of shapewear (yes, my first layer. I’m like an onion… except I’m hoping I don’t smell as bad), I typically wear a high waist shaping brief over this, followed up with a waist-cincher or one of my steel-boned corsets. For a garment novice, this will be an amazing piece depending on the outfit and your torso-length. If you’re shorter in the torso, this will meet your bra, and you’ll love the finish this gives you. It’s a moderate compression for tummy control, but if you’re shaped like me, you’ll see a major transformation. Some things I absolutely love about the Chantelle Shapewear Pant include:
    • Versatile mid-length thigh, it’s super stretchy and forgiving so if I’m wearing a pencil skirt, I just move the shapewear up my thigh a bit more and it stays in place.
    • A comfortable finish, and near-invisible look.
    • The thigh and rear-lifting construction on this is amazing.
  • Chantelle Soft Stretch Collection: At Bra~vo, a lot of newcomers believe that we only stock delicate lace bras and panties (which is true, we do), but that’s not all we have. One of my favorite panties to recommend for everyday wear-and-tear are the Chantelle Soft Stretch panties. It’s a luxurious blend of fabric that has been engineered to last day-to-day activities and retain its shape, making it adaptable and perfect for all body types. We stock the Soft Stretch panties in three different cuts: briefs, bikinis, and hipsters. This is the panty you want if you want something comfortable, lightweight, and is willing to carry you through a hard day's work. Some of my favorite things about the Chantelle Soft Stretch panties include:
    • Inclusive sizing!
      • Soft Stretch fits XS-XL
      • Soft Stretch Full fits 1X-4X
    • Moisture wicking fabric.
    • They’re seamless!
    • 360 degree stretch capability.
  • Chantelle Cotton Comfort Collection: I have 4 of these panties added to my ever-growing collection of things that I don’t really need, but things that I just want. If you’re someone who has fabric sensitivities, this is a stretch cotton blend, and it does have a cotton gusset. We carry two cuts: high waist brief, and the HI-cut brief (imagine a cheeky brief). I own the HI-cut briefs, and they’re my comfortable cotton panties. I wear them during lazy days because they’re cute and modern, but they’re forgiving and comfortable to wear. You can really do a lot with this panty depending on how creative you are or what your wardrobe requires. Some of my favorite things about the Chantelle Cotton Comfort panties include:
    • Cotton gusset lining.
    • Stretch cotton that will retain its shape.
    • A soft, wide elastic waistband that stays in place without digging into your soft spots.

Three reasons you should invest in Chantelle Lingerie…

  1. Variety: If there’s one thing you need to know about Groupe Chantelle, it’s that they have a bra for every outfit you have; if you need it, Chantelle has it. From everyday T-Shirt Bras and sexy and sophisticated lingerie sets to non-wired leisure bras and sports bras, you can feel comfortable and confident knowing you have on a bra that was designed for you and your needs.
  2. Quality Lingerie: Chantelle goes above and beyond to add features and use materials that are kind and gentle to not only your body, but the environment. Groupe Chantelle is dedicated to adapting to the times, and innovating new products and using textiles (including recycled knits!) that reflect their commitments.
  3. They’re a name you can trust: They have skin in the game; Chantelle is a brand that won’t slap their name on just any bra; their designers care about what they’re creating and for who. They’re an established and highly respected name in the industry, and you can find their collections at almost every reputable bra fitting boutique.

In conclusion…

If you’re a seasoned Bra~vo Believer, and a Chantelle connoisseur, what I’m saying is elementary; if you haven’t had an opportunity to bring a bit of Paris to your own bra wardrobe, ask your Fitter about them during your next Bra Fitting! 


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