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The Importance Of Sports Bras

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Style Spotlights

Join Rebecca Aughton, National Bra Fit Expert and owner of Bra~vo intimates as she interviews the leading experts in the bra industry. In these spotlights, experts talk about the finer details in the industry's most-loved styles, including features, benefits of these styles, such as what figure type they styled for, what shape they offer, and additional Pro~Tips. 

Fitting Room Chat

Join Rebecca Aughton, National Bra Fit Expert, and owner of Bra~vo intimates, as she discusses some of the most important bra fitting topics that come up in the fitting rooms at one of the US’s largest bra fitting shops. We invite industry experts to help us educate you on all the important topics relating to proper bra fit and the impacts a proper fit can have.


The Importance Of Sports Bras

All About Panache and Sculptresse Bras

Demystifying The Double D Cup

Eveden, Inc. Fitting Room Chat: All About Their Bras

Educational Content

Education is key! Proper bra fitting AND proper bra care are no exception. Every day in our fitting rooms we hear, “How come no one ever taught me this?” Well, at Bra~vo intimates we are trying to spread the word. Take a look at the educational resources we have available and learn great tips from Rebecca Aughton, National Bra Fit Expert, and owner of Bra~vo intimates, as she covers topics such as how to properly put on a bra, how to care for your bras and why you should get fitted by a bra fitting expert! It truly does make ALL THE DIFFERENCE!

Rebecca Speaks On Radio One Women's Empowerment Expo 2014

Bra~vo intimates talks game-changing bras on Live in the D

Bra Fitting-stretch lace!

Skinnytees interview

Bralettes for all!

Wire-free bras!

Skinnytees please!

No more bra strap marks!

How To Put A Bra On Properly

No more bra strap marks!

Bra Fit Expert Talks With FOX About The Importance Of Wearing The Right Fitting Sports Bra

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