No wires? No problem! How wire free bras can still be supportive and give you a great fit.

Rebecca Aughton

15th Jun 2021

No wires? No problem! How wire free bras can still be supportive and give you a great fit.

Comfort is king…

Lockdown has transformed how we feel about wearing tight and uncomfortable clothing and people have spent a lot of time in their comfiest clothes this past year. The rise of athleisure wear pre Covid was already growing, in post covid times it feels like a necessity.

With comfort being king and restrictive clothes no longer needed or wanted in our wardrobes for those working remotely, many women may have felt that the everyday underwired bra they wore for support was no longer necessary.

However, opening the door to the delivery person or being on that Zoom call without one always felt a little… off. So, what’s a full busted woman to do?

You don’t have to throw away your bras after a year of being at home!

Throughout 2020, articles were being published in international media calling it the beginning of the end of the bra. Some women felt they no longer needed to wear bras outdoors and, finding this newfound freedom, no longer wanted to restrict themselves with uncomfortable garments. The rise of homeworking and video calls only needing a friendly face and not a supported bosom, was tolling a death call for the bra.

Of course, being the national bra experts that we are at Bra~vo Intimates, we recognised the painful call of a poorly fitting bra being the main issue. We knew that once properly fitted into an exceptional, well-fitting bra that so many of the issues that women face (and thus were so happy to give up on bras) would fall by the wayside.

We knew that the digging in of an underwire is often because it’s too small in the cup and the hot temperatures of a washing machine or tumble dryer warp the frame/supportive structure of your bra. We knew that the pressure on shoulders and neck is caused by the see-saw effect of a too loose band around the body, forever riding up your back, therefore putting all the bust weight on the shoulders.

If you’re fuller busted or fuller figured and feel that the only way to truly feel comfortable in a bra is to not wear one, we would say get properly fitted with us and see how we can change your mind, your shape and your posture with the right bra for you.

The right bra is of course dependent on the person, the body, the shape and the activity. Like we say – you wouldn’t expect one pair of shoes to fit all your outfits or needs, and neither should you expect the same from your bras. The choice to wear an underwire (or not!) is completely up to you, but always make sure you’re in the right size first before completely dismissing the power of an underwire.

Is wire free for me?

The non-wired bra has been a trade secret for many years, usually in the guise of a sleep, nursing or post surgery bra. Completely different to a sports bra, (sports bras are designed to encapsulate and compress the bust to ensure minimal movement for high impact sports and activities) the non-wired bra is usually worn for more sedate day to day activities using clever panels to shape and lift the bust, whilst still giving support.

Many of our Bra~vo expertly fitted ladies love to wear a wire free bra for those days when they don’t need as much structure in their undergarments, especially if they’re seated on the sofa for example, or want to change into something a little less restrictive after getting in from work. Due to the lack of an underwire, sometimes these styles have a little more fabric and structure than a regular bra – necessary to ensure enough shape and lift is given.

Bra~vo styling tip: wear a wire free bra under a sheer or strappy top for when you need an alternative to your everyday bra. It’ll look chic yet casual and you won’t have to wear the extra layer of a vest or cami top adding bulk. See the Beyond Bra.

Is it a bra or a bralette?

We’ll admit it – the lingerie industry has a few different names for this type of style, which can be extremely frustrating and confusing. The real answer is… there’s not much difference, bar the structure; bralettes are usually lighter fabrics and less structured and don’t tend to offer much support to anyone over a true B/C cup. They’re designed to be more on show and look pretty and can often feature a slightly deeper or longer body line.

Looking to try a wire free style? Our Fitters’ Favorites:

Evelyn & Bobbie BEYOND BRA – recommended for DD – G - sized XS – 3XL

A Bra~vo bestseller, this bra actually flexes to fit you after the first few wears, giving you a truly customized fit. The reinforced wide microfiber underband and 3D moulded sling cups lifts like an underwire but feels weightless. Also comes with a removable pad/liner for modesty coverage for those in cold offices with arctic air-con systems! We love the adjustability with the straps and three hook back closure too. Available in tones Sand, Mica, Himalayan Salt and Black Onyx. Ask us for help if you’re unsure what your corresponding size would be in this style.

Fantasie IMPRESSION BRALETTE FL5853 – recommended for DD – FF, sized S – XL

Another style that uses clothes sizing for fit, we’d put this style on our ladies who are average sized in the bust and around 12 – 14 in tops. The brushed inner lined cup is great at wicking away moisture and is perfect for those in hotter or more humid climates, plus the wide underband elastic secures in the bra in place. Black and White can be special ordered, with the Sand as a staple in stock colorway.

Anita HAVANNA 5813 – recommended for 36 – 44 F, G and H cups

A classic fit from Anita, this four piece cup with a wide supportive underband and stretch lace top cup, offers great support and is recommended for ladies who want full support in a rounded shape. The stand out feature on this style are the wide, restricted stretch straps that are lightly padded. Perfect for those needing a little extra help with strap security on narrow or sloping shoulders. In Sahara (a sandy flesh tone) or Black.

Cleo FREEDOM 10321 – recommended for 30 – 36, E – G

We love this young and fashionable style is a great option if you’re a smaller fit and want something that looks more like a crop top. A little peekaboo lace on the neckline keeps it looking feminine but sporty and the J hook allows it to transform to a racerback bra. In Charcoal, a grey marl-esque tone edged with black lace.

The Cleo Lizzie is similar in shape, style and fit to the Freedom, but will feature more lace in its design for an ultra-feminine feel.

Panache ANDORRA 5671 – recommended for 30 – 36, G – JJ

This luxe looking style is proof that not all wire free bras need to look like sports bras! Beautiful Frost Grey colored stretch lace adorns the cups for a delicate but supportive look and gives a lovely, rounded shape to the bust.

Parfait ADRIANA P5482 – recommended for 30 – 42, DD – F, 30-40 FF- G , 30-38 GG-H

This pretty style is adorned with all over lace and lined with a sheer, moisture wicking inner making it feel light and airy. The lower neckline gives it a little plunge shaping, great for V necks and the J hook converts it to a racerback. Our expert fitters find this style can come up a little smaller in the cup due to its shaping, so don’t forget to size up or ask for help with sizing.

Still confused? We can help!

Our mission is to free women from ill-fitting bras, whether they have wires or not. So often the wrong size can cause havoc with our breasts, our clothing – even our mood! (Hands up who has ever had an angry moment in their closet because nothing fits properly across the bust? It happens!)

Before you swear off wearing bras completely and compromise on fit, come see us where the expert bra fitters at Bra~vo Intimates are here to help and be ready for whatever the coming year brings you - whether you’re at home or work - knowing you can be supported and comfortable.

Call us to book an appointment for your very own Bra~vo Experience, 248-582-7286.

Click here to contact us and book your bra fitting appointment.


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