How to Properly Put a Bra on


 How To Properly Put A Bra On. Don’t be a flipper!

There are several correct ways to put on your bra, but there is ONE MAJOR NO-NO! DO NOT FLIP YOUR BRA! Flipping your bra damages the underwire the very first time. Flipping it bends the underwires out of the original "U" shape. The underwires should sit naturally against the chest wall, if not they will stab you. So if you are cursing your bra and it's underwires, don't be a flipper!

You can hook your bra 2 ways: In Front or Behind your back, we don't care. Just DON'T FLIP.


Meet Grace - "How to Put On a Bra" 


One Last Rule

BEND FORWARD at a 90 degree angle when you swoop your breast tissue into the cup. This is essential. Bending forward really allows gravity to do all the work for you. And trust us, we want all the help we can get.