Bra Education

Bra Education is key. The Right Bra will change your life!  

Knowledge makes a difference in all aspects of life and your bra is no exception!


Our 25+ years experience in this industry allows us to educate women on a proper fit. It is what we do day in & day out, since 2001. It is our passion!


The rules are simple and yet so few follow them. If we take the time to care for ourselves and those who support us (Bra pun intended!), we in turn are stronger. To extend the life of your bra wardrobe purchase, follow the suggestions we live by below:



Everyday we hear, "How come no one ever taught me this?". While we can't speak for everyone, a common theme is that we, as women, need to talk and share more about the things that really matter-SELF CARE. And yes, taking care of yourself and your breasts is a necessity and should be towards the top of that list!

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Education is key and we want to share it with as many people as possible, as it truly does make all the difference. Please share this page if you have found it helpful and informative. Thank you for helping us make a difference and support as many breasts as possible! :)

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