Commitments to Our Customer


Bra~vo intimates' Commitments to Our Customer:

1. We will measure you every time you step in our fitting room, providing us with the necessary starting point for every fitting. 

2. We will teach and demonstrate to you how to properly put on your bra.

3. We will educate you on how to best care for your bras, both for a comfortable fit and to prolong the life of your bra wardrobe.

4. We will create a personal client profile for you, detailing your purchase history and future recommendations, and including style, size, brands, etc.

5. When a product is not currently in stock or is due to launch, we will take note and contact you when the product arrives. 

6. If your bra is not fitting as expected, we invite you to bring the item back for a fit-check (within the sales period time frame). We want to make it right!

At Bra~vo intimates, we aim to offer the highest level of customer service.


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