Hello and Welcome To The Bra~vo Blog!

Hello and Welcome To The Bra~vo Blog!

Posted by Rebecca Aughton on 4th Nov 2020

Hello, and welcome to The Bra~vo intimates blog! In case you don’t know who I am, my name is Rebecca Aughton and I am a National Bra Expert and the owner of Bra~vo intimates. I have been working in the bra industry since 1996 and arrived here from the ready-to-wear and cosmetic areas of the fashion industry, which has come to be extremely helpful in the intimates arena.

Why We Started The Bra~vo Blog

I wanted to create a place where we can have an ongoing detailed conversation about product and fit. Where you can come to find in-depth answers beyond the scope of our newsletter. In addition, we’ll be interviewing industry fitters, product managers, and designers. We are so excited to bring you an inside view of our industry, which we are passionate about! This will be a great place to have your questions answered, so please feel free to reach out with your questions and spur the conversation.

About Rebecca

A quick background on me: I hired into the bra business as a US Sales Manager for a large UK bra company. With a strong background in sales to department and specialty stores, I was hired to develop the brands in the US market. At the time of hire, I had no intimate apparel experience other than wearing and purchasing bras for myself. Which, I too was previously in the wrong size.

My director took every opportunity to educate me and thoroughly immerse me into the world of bras and proper fit. Each time I visited the UK office, (which was approximately 4-6 times per year for 4 years), I worked alongside the team of company fitters, brand product managers & designers, the UK sales director, and the manager of customer service, all the while learning the ins and outs of the US bra industry. Upon one visit I spent a couple days with the owner of a lace manufacturing company, what a Fasinating business! I also spent a few days with June Kenton, the then owner of Rigby & Peller, former fitter to the Royal Families across the globe.

As I traveled across the US to meet and work with specialty shop owners, I learned why and how they do what they do. Some having spent 30+ years passionately developing their business and fitting women in a better bra!

After a number of years of being based in the NY area, I felt it was time to return home. I decided to really immerse myself into the retail side of the bra business and opened Bra~vo intimates in September of 2001. Having a number of years in the industry and quite a few developed connections, I knew I had a great deal to bring women in terms of fit , selection and bra knowledge.

We have now grown to be the largest bra fitting store in the state! Myself and my trained team of fitters fit a wide range of body types and bust shapes every day - anywhere from a 28A to a 46O. As time has flown by, I see that there is a great deal of information about bras and the industry on the internet, and it is often conflicting, inaccurate, and from a layman’s point of view it can be very confusing. There is a need for further bra education and more information you can make the right choice in getting the right fit, and support.

The Goal Of The Bra~vo Blog

The aim of this blog, and our YouTube channel, is to bring you an education about bras and proper fit from an industry expert who works closely with the best styles, a variety of size/body shapes, and the brand/industry experts on a daily basis. Look for interviews with national fit experts, conversations about demystifying size, how you can get the right fit, as well as guest appearances in our “Fitting Room Chat” - where we dive into fit issues.

Bras have become my life, and I am quite passionate about the correct fit, education, proper industry terms, as well as the beauty and design of the product. My mission is that this blog will become a go-to place for information on bras and that it is a conversation between myself and you. I look forward to your feedback, questions, and interest in topics and styles so we can continue the bra education conversation.

Each time I train a new fitter, I always start with- bra fitting is not an exact science but an art, and their skills will sharpen just like every industry expert's. Their developing skills will be a constant change, just like our incredible bodies!

Learn About Everything Bras Related

Please comment below with any questions, comments, or anything else!. Together we will pull apart topics and work to bring light to frustrations in this incredibly interesting and passionate business of bras!

We look forward to building out the Bra~vo blog community!