How to know when it's time to let go!

Rebecca Aughton

12th Apr 2022

How to know when it's time to let go!

Spring Cleaning? Don’t forget to include your underwear drawer… keep your bras fresh as a daisy for the season ahead!

For many years before the modern-day calendar was adopted as we know it today, the New Year used to be celebrated in Springtime, usually around mid-March. Many still celebrate today as the Lunar New Year, the first new moon between the end of January and February.

The Spring (or vernal) equinox can be viewed as an excellent starting point for a new season/year of good intentions or starting new projects and is a much nicer time than the deepest, darkest depths of winter. Who is inspired to challenge themselves, start something new or go outside and exercise every day when it’s cold and rainy/snowy/dark? It’s so much easier to tackle new things in Spring. It brings with it the promise of revival and renewal. From lambs and chicks being born, to the first shoots of green and color popping through the ground.

Springtime is often used to clean the house from top to bottom and put away bulky, wintry things, but we would recommend our Bra~vo beauties to use this opportunity to do a tidy up of your underwear drawer too. It’s the perfect excuse to ensure that everything in your home is fulfilling its purpose, and if you’re holding on to things that are too tight or small, or way past their best, now is the time to remove them and replace with items that will be doing their job properly.

Unfortunately, Groundhog Day this year predicted six more weeks of winter (thanks Punxsutawney Phil! *sarcasm*) and whilst the warmer, sunnier temperatures of spring have yet to be seen in Metro Detroit, we hope that they will be here soon. Use this opportunity to start a new season afresh!

How to Spring clean your underwear drawer…

Allot yourself a little bit of time here. If something is worth doing, it’s worth doing right.

  • Take everything out of your lingerie drawer, whether it’s a collection or just a few items, bras and panties included. Put to one side.
  • Get a vacuum into the nooks and crannies and make sure any dust bunnies are banished.
  • This is a great time to (re)line your drawers with paper. Older dresser drawers can often be an unfinished wood and snag delicate laces and materials. The paper creates a barrier, looks cute and keeps the dust from accumulating. With lots of pretty patterns and colors or even fragranced papers available, you can make your lingerie drawer a special, better organised place that brings you joy every day.
  • Check each item is in good condition: no snags, tears or frays especially along the underband, straps and underwire casings. Create space for three piles: New, Old and In-Between.

  • Try each item on. Make sure the bra is fitting firmly and snugly on the loosest setting and there is no over-spill or a gap in the cup. Lift your arms up – is the bra moving with you or is it staying put?
  • You may find that older garments need to be slightly adjusted to fit better as the elastics within it have aged. Straps shouldn’t be more than two fingers width tight on the shoulder (because support comes from the underband) but if they need to be moved and are already at their tightest, it may be best putting that bra into the old pile.
  • If your bra needs to be worn on a tighter hook to achieve that snug fit feeling, go ahead and put it in the in-between pile, but keep a note of how many more hooks you have until it’s on the tightest. Remember, once the support goes from the underband of the bra you’ll be at risk of the bra riding up your back and dropping your bust at the front like a see-saw - not a good look and what will ultimately give you neck and back ache, especially if you have a fuller bust or frame. If you’re able to comfortably fasten on to the tightest and it’s moving when you lift your arms or you’re able to pull it away from your body quite easily, it’s time to put that bra into the old pile.

  • If the bra is super snug and you’re spilling over in the cup at the front or the sides are digging in but it’s in great condition otherwise, put that bra aside. It’s normal for our busts to fluctuate throughout the seasons, especially coming out of the winter you may find clothes are a little more snug than usual, even if the scales are a at a similar point. If you feel that you’ll be working towards changing shape and it will fit in a few months, keep it in the in-between pile for now. If it’s still not fitting in three- or six-months time, donate or sell. If it’s seen better days, put it in to the old pile.
  • A special note about sports bras: just like trainers or sneakers these garments have a specific function and are designed to perform under certain conditions. Their shelf life of approximately three to six months can be vastly curtailed if being frequently used for high impact activities and if they are supporting a heavier bust. For a detailed look on sports bras, please read our previous blogs here or here.

  • Yes, you read right – the average lifespan of a bra is only six to eight months, depending on the type of bra, the quality of the materials, the number of times it’s being regularly worn and the weight of the bust it’s having to support.
  • Many factors can shorten or lengthen this lifespan: do you always machine wash and tumble dry your three HH cup bras and use them for sports? Expect them to only last a short while. Have a large wardrobe of bras suitable for each specific purpose (sports, evening-wear, comfy days, work) as well as hand washing/drip drying? You can expect them to last much longer.

  • What to do with your old pile? We know letting go of dear friends who have been close to our bosom and given us so much support is difficult, but it’s time to say goodbye. If they’re past their best for you but still in overall “good” condition, why not donate to a bra bank. There’s lots of charities that collect for women in need across the world. Search online for your best option. Tell your girlfriends about your underwear spring cleaning plans and you may be able to donate quite a few!
  • Time to put your bras back in the drawer from your new and in-between pile.

  • Fold cut-and-sew bras in half and tuck straps in. Make sure hooks aren’t caught on delicate lace. Arrange by occasion (everyday, T-shirt, evening) or for a bit of fun, why not by color? Go from black and darks to brights and whites. Keep nudes in their respective tones too.
  • Finding some of your moulded cups have creases? This can especially happen with spacer foam cups. Top tip: steam the creases away by gently (and carefully!) holding over a boiling kettle or pan of water. Keep these crease-free by stacking them behind each other or with socks/panty hose/panties to give the cups shaping.
  • Check when your last fitting was – if it’s been more than six months since you last saw us and you needed to put a few bras in the old pile or found your shape had changed quite a bit, you really should come in to be fitted again. Use it as an opportunity to add to your lingerie wardrobe so you can wash and wear through less. New season equals new seasons colors! Treat yourself to gorgeous new lingerie to feel light and bright in and to match the springtime mood. It’s a great time to also think about upcoming special events you might be having like weddings or prom.
  • Don’t forget that if you are actively working on changing shape for the season, your bust will fluctuate. Don’t wait until you’re at your target but talk to your fitter on what can work best for you. If you’re local, pop in for a quick fitting every 8-12 weeks. When we lose weight, we tend to lose a lot of fullness from the bust leading to gaping or loose cups (it’s just a collection of fat cells after all!) but also from around the body too. The scales might not say your body has changed but a tape measure can. Ask for stretch laces that can flex with your shape change and still give you amazing support.

Remember that Bra~vo intimates, your local bra fitting experts, are just a phone call or fitting appointment away. We’re happy to show you exactly how your bra should be fitting because we know that bra education is key!

For your very own Bra~vo Experience call us to book an appointment - 248-582-7286.

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