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Evenly Bra Balancers™ are silicone bra inserts designed specifically to balance uneven boobs. These silicone balancers are designed with a rounded back so they spoon over the existing breast to supplement any missing natural breast tissue and evenly distribute the weight of your breasts, creating a more balanced silhouette, inspiring you with comfort and confidence. 

We offer the full line of Evenly Bra Balancers™ , available in two shapes, and varying thickness to accommodate a variety of cup sizes. Unsure where to start? Bravo intimates is the US appointed Evenly Fitting Store with a team of Certified Master Bra Fitters trained in the art of fitting and sizing Evenly Bra Balancers. 

Schedule a virtual * or in-store appointment or visit our store to speak with one of our expert bra fitters to find the best Bra Balancer™ for you. Your fitter will ensure you are wearing the right bra size which dramatically affects the fit and secure placement of your balancer. The correct bra size properly holds your balancer giving you the secure and balanced fit you are looking for. 

* When you schedule a Bravo virtual appointment, a fitter will work with you until we find the right Evenly Bra Balancer for you. Exchanges for Evenly products can only be authorized through your Bravo intimates fitter.


  • Deep hollow back with lightly tapered edges for a secure and smooth fit
  • Natural breast shape and projection to suit a 2-3 cup size difference between the breasts
  • High quality, soft, transparent silicone that allows your skin tone to shine through
  • Natural fluid movement and feel, just like real breast tissue
  • Suitable to be worn every day, even when swimming or exercising
  • Sold individually to be worn on your smaller side, in either the left or right bra cup and in any direction that matches the fuller side best
  • Wear with the Evenly super-soft, moisture-wicking Bra Balancer™ cover, sold separately in two of skin tones
  • Includes Evenly storage bag to keep your Bra Balancer™ clean and protected
  • Suitable for use with Evenly dusting powder - a 100% natural, vegan, talc-free powder that can be dusted onto or under the breast or the Bra Balancer™ for a dry long-lasting freshness giving a higher level of comfort

Bra Balancer

  • Position where needed to fill out the bra cup on your smaller side.
  • Suitable for use when swimming.
  • Avoid over-bending or scrunching the bra balancer to prolong use.
  • Hand wash weekly with mild soapy water - we recommend SOAK ,rinse and lay flat on a hand towel to dry.
  • Take care with sharp objects such as fingernails, jewelry pins or pet claws.
  • Store in the bag away from heat and sunlight.

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