Chantelle BASIC INVISIBLE - C12410

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Fabric Composition / Material:
40% Polyester, 40% Polyamide, 20% Elastane
Chantelle BASIC INVISIBLE -  C12410


Underwire T-shirt Bra Chantelle 1241- The Basic Invisible - This contour T-shirt bra gives a custom fit due to it's memory foam fabric cups. The combination of the microfiber underband and memory foam make this style the ultimate in comfort in T-shirt bras. In store, we call this the butter bra, meaning you will just melt into it.

:LittleBraVector:Pro Tip: When you put your bra on, tip forward 90 degrees and Scoop and Swoop your breast tissure forward. The underwire should not sit in soft breast tissue, this causes it to break down and is an improper fit.

:HotPink400:Education is Key - Be Bra Educated!