Bathorium CRUSH BATH SOAK - 600g

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Bathorium CRUSH BATH SOAK - 600g


Bathorium's Crush Bath Soak melts into your skin and bath water leaving a frothy cream on the surface. Made from mineral-rich dead sea salt and detoxifying kaolin clay to skin-softening plant butters and hydrating oils. 

Eucalyptus Apothecary: The scent of a eucalyptus steam room at a boujee spa
Benefits: Recovery, Sinus Relief

Northern Sage Recovery: Smells like a mountainous forest range with herbaceous notes of sage
Benefits: Sinus Relief, Recovery

Sea Kelp Serenity: The scent of subtle salt of sea air with the sweetness of lavender
Benefits: Sleep, Sensitive Skin, Relaxation, Hydration

Ancient Oat Hydration: Smells like warm, musky sandalwood with hints of vanilla and citrus
Benefits: Relaxation, Hydration, Sleep

Charcoal Garden Detox: The scent of snacking on black licorice—in the midst of a garden
Benefits: Detoxification, Recovery, Sleep

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