Bathorium ELIXIR - 500 ml

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Bathorium ELIXIR - 500 ml


Bathorium's Bubble Elixir's are made from a coconut derivative, essential oils, hydrating coconut milk, arnica water, and pressed cucumber juice to keep your skin soft and hydrated. Enjoy a bath full of bubbles without hormone-disrupting and dehydrating Sodium Lauryl Sulphate. 

BePure: The scent of freshly puréed, juicy honeydew melon
Benefits: Sensitive Skin, Eczema Relief, Hydration

BeRejuvenated: The scent of freshly milled pine and crushed mint leaves
Benefits: Detoxification, Recovery

BeCalm: The scent of earl grey tea infused with lavender
Benefits: Relaxation, Sleep

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