Fittings During COVID-19


We are here to fit you during this unprecedented time.

Appointments Preferred

With your safety in mind, Bra~vo intimates will be open by appointment. This is to ensure the safety of our customers and our team. Our decision to open by appointment will allow us to regulate the number of customers in the store, to ensure appropriate physical distance (because we still want to be social), and to clean and sanitize.

To further regulate the number of people in the store, we ask that all appointments plan to come in alone. Any additional friends or family will need to wait outside. As a friendly reminder, if you are ill or showing any symptoms, please call us to cancel, reschedule or book a virtual appointment and be safe, remain at home.

We are taking walk-in appointments as our schedule permits. Please walk in and see the front desk for assistance.

Virtual Fittings

During this time we offer virtual fittings by appointment! This is something new to us and our intentions are to fit you as we would an in-store fitting, via video chat. Giving you the total "Bra~vo Experience", in the safety of your own home.

Like you, we are figuring out our new normal, and we appreciate your patience and support. We are here for you, let us know how we can support you!

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Virtual Fitting Reviews

"Bra-vo Intimates offers an excellent virtual fitting experience. I was a little nervous about the idea, but actually, it was more private than an in-person fitting, without having to drive more than 2 hours to Royal Oak! So here's how it went: I had an initial appointment in which I used my sewing tape measure to take measurements under the watchful eye of the consultant. Not surprisingly, I needed some correction -- I wasn't pulling the tape tightly. She was able to guide me to get the correct measurements, and after asking me questions about my preferences, she recommended four options, which we further narrowed to two. She rang up the sale, packaged them up, and they arrived in the mail in just two business days, wrapped carefully in tissue paper in a roomy box so they were in perfect shape. As soon as I received them, I went to the Bra-vo Intimates website and made a second appointment to check the fit. I tried on each item, stepping off camera or turning off the camera while I changed or made adjustments, then stepping back in view or turning the camera on so the consultant could see the fit. I thought the first item fit perfectly, but the consultant could see the band lifting just a bit in the back, so she had me adjust the straps to be a little longer. The second item wasn't as good of a fit, with a little gaping around the top. The consultant immediately said, "Nope! That's not going to work." So I'm keeping the one that's incredibly comfortable, they're sending me a shipping label to return the one that didn't fit, and they'll exchange it for a second bra like the first one. Why did I put this off and wear ill-fitting items for so long? I hope they keep the virtual fitting option for the future, because for me, it was even better than the in-person experience; without the long drive, I won't wait so long to return for my next fitting!"  ~Lesley W.


“I recently had a bilateral breast reduction and needed not only new bras but bras without underwire. Setting up the virtual fitting was quick and easy! I actually felt the whole experience was just as private as being in person (hard to beat the comfort of your own home) and my new bras arrived very quickly-and fit perfectly!!! I want to thank Bra~vo for making this possible during COVID. I've told several friends and family members to try it!”  ~Melissa M.


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