Fit Fully Yours PAULINE B9660

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Fit Fully Yours PAULINE B9660


Underwire High Impact Sports Bra, Pauline – Offers supreme support and encapsulation. This sports bra has many features that are excellent for those with a long upper torso. The center wires are a bit shorter, allowing the center to lay flat against your body. The padded straps have a plenty of adjustment length. The sliding J-hook allows you to put it where it is most comfortable. The wide sides give excellent support and reduce bounce for a secure workout! The sports performance fabric will keep you cool and dry even during the longest run.

If you can't wear the popular lined sports bra try this alternative, it's a great fit!

Fitter's Tip: Ensure the band fits snug on the loosest hook. As it stretches you will then get a longer life out of your sports bra.

Pro Tip: If you rely on a sports bra to compress you and not encapsulate, then you are experiencing more bounce than you should. Your breasts shoud fit snug in the cup , not mashed and flat.


Click "Show Videos" below to watch a tutorial explaining what you should be looking for in a Sports Bra and why.

For more in depth conversation, check out our blog about the Importance of a Proper Sports Bra.

Education is Key - Be Bra Educated!

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